Django Girls Coaching Manual

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This manual is a set of useful tips and tricks that Django Girls coaches can use. Being a coach is a very hard task and thus we have collected together all the things we have learned during the workshops so far to share with you.

This manual is also based on these wonderful resources:


What do I need to be a Django Girls coach?

Your interest in helping beginners dip their toes into web programming is already a great start! You don't need to be an expert in programming or Django - we're teaching pretty basic stuff. You only need:

  • Lots of patience, smiles and a friendly attitude.
  • The ability to answer all sorts of questions in a beginner-friendly way (even if that means the explanation isn’t technically precise) throughout the duration of the workshop.
  • Some time to go through the Tutorial before the event.
  • Free time on the weekend!
  • Curiosity!

Why should I be a Django Girls coach?

You mean besides incredibly good karma? Here are some very likely outcomes:

  • You’ll meet interesting new people outside your usual developer group.
  • You’ll probably learn something new by answering questions you never thought of asking yourself.
  • Eternal gratitude from your group of attendees and the Django Girls community.
  • You’ll help break down the stereotype that women are not interested in technology and programming and thus help your sisters, female friends, relatives and (future) daughters have more choices in their future. And you can add all that on your CV!


This coach manual is maintained by DjangoGirls. If you find any mistakes or want to update the tutorial please follow the contributing guidelines.

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